Rabi Al-Awwal: Why is This Month Important to Muslims?

We’re all used to the Gregorian calendar that runs from January to December, but it’s by no means the only calendar in the world.

The Islamic calendar is another popular one, with well-known months like Dhul Hijjah and Ramadan peppered throughout the year, and Rabi Al-Awwal is another key month all Muslims should know.

What Is Rabi Al-Awwal?

Rabi Al-Awwal is the third month of the Islamic calendar. As the month in which the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was both born and passed away, it’s a perfect chance to learn more about his life and how he changed the course of history forever.

What Is Special About Rabi Al-Awwal?

Rabi Al-Awwal marks the birth of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Makkah way back in 570. Although we’re not 100% sure of the precise date, many believe it was a Monday on the 12th day of Rabi Al-Awwal.

Why Is Rabi Al-Awwal Important to Muslims?

Naturally, Rabi Al-Awwal is important to Muslims because it’s the month in which the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born, offering us a chance to recognize his impact on the world and the teachings of Islam.

When Is Rabbi Al-Awwal? 

As the Hijri calendar depends on sightings of the moon, it’s difficult to say precisely when it begins and ends. This year, Rabi Al-Awwal began on 16th September and is expected to last until 15th October. 

What Acts of Sunnah Are Best for Rabi Al-Awwal?

Many Muslims reflect on the Sunnah of the Prophet and use the month of Rabi Al-Awwal as a chance to nurture good habits. Fortunately, there are a lot to choose from; they can be as simple as offering Sunnah prayers, reciting the Qur’an, or fasting on the Sunnah days of Monday and Thursday.

Mark the birth of the Prophet by adopting his blessed Sunnah – today and every day. 

Source: https://www.charityright.org.uk/blog/post/rabi-al-awwal-why-is-this-month-important-to-muslims

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